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IGNOU Solved Assignment

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IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers Solved

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IGNOU Bachelor Degree Solved Assignments

Bachelor of ArtsBAGDownload
Bachelor of CommerceBCOMGDownload
BCOM  with Major in Account & Finance 
BCOM  with Major in Finance & Cost Accounting 
BCOM  with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration 

[B.Com (A & F)]

[B.Com (F & CA)]

[B.Com (CA&A)]

Bachelor of Business Administration (Services Management)(BBASM)Download
Bachelor of ScienceBSCGDownload
Bachelor of Computer ApplicationsBCADownload
Bachelor of Library and Information ScienceBLISDownload
Bachelor of EducationBEDDownload
Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) (Revised)BATSDownload
Bachelor of Arts (Facility and Services Management)BAFSMDownload
Bachelor of Social WorkBSWGDownload
Bachelor of Business Administration (Retailing)BBARILDownload
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBA GeneralDownload
Bachelor of Arts (Gender Studies)BAGSDownload
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Digital Media)BAJDMDownload
Bachelor of Arts in Applied UdruBAAUDDownload
Bachelor of Arts in Applied SanskritBAASKDownload
Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Tourism ManagementBAVTMDownload
Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Studies) Micro Small and Medium EnterprisesBAVMSMEDownload
Bachelor of Arts in Applied HindiBAAHDDownload
Bachelor of Science (Applied Science – Energy)BSCAEYDownload
BDP OLD BA | BCOM | BSC Download
BTS | TS Tourism old Download

IGNOU Bachelor Degree Honours Solved Assignments Download :-

Bachelor’s Honours Hindi(BAHDH)Download
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics(BAECH)Download
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History(BAHIH)Download
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Political Science(BAPSH)Download
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology(BAPCH)Download
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Public Administration(BAPAH)Download
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology(BASOH)Download
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Anthropology(BSCANH)Download
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry(BSCBCH)Download
Bachelor of Arts English (Honours)(BAEGH)Download
Bachelor’s Honours Degree (Sanskrit)(BASKH)Download
Bachelor of Arts Urdu (Honours)(BAUDH)Download
Bachelor of Performing Arts – Hindustani Music (Honours)(BAPFHMH)Download

Undergraduate Programmes Under (FYUP)

Bachelor of Arts (BAM) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Science (BSCM) Solved Assignment

4 Four-Year Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Arts(Economics) (BAFEC) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Arts (Facility and Services Management) (BAFFSM) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Arts(English) (BAFEG) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Arts (Journalism and Digital Media) (BAFJDM) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Arts(Hindi) (BAFHD) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Arts(Urdu) (BAFUD) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Arts(History) (BAFHI) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Arts(Sociology) (BAFSO) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Arts(Philosophy) (BAFPY) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Arts(Sanskrit) (BAFSK) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Arts(Political Science) (BAFPS) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Arts(Public Administration) (BAFPA) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMF) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Social Work (BFSW) Solved Assignment
Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) (BSCFBC) Solved AssignmentBachelor of Science (Anthropology) (BSCFAN) Solved Assignment

Bachelor of Arts(Psychology) (BAFPC)

Solved Assignment


IGNOU Master Degree Solved Assignments

Course Solved PDF Link
Master of Commerce(MCOM)Download
MCom BP & CG Download
MCom F&T Download
Master of Business Administration(MBA)Download
MBA (Banking and Finance)(MBF)Download
MBA – Human Resource Management(MBAHM)Download
MBA –Financial Management(MBAFM)Download
MBA – Operations Management(MBAOM)Download
MBA – Marketing Management(MBAMM)Download
MBA- (Construction Management)(MBACN)Download
MBA- (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)(MBALS)Download
MBA- (Agribusiness Management(MBAABM)Download
MBA- (Health Care and Hospital Management)(MBAHCHM)Download
Master of Arts (English)(MEG)Download
Master of Arts (Hindi)(MHD)Download
Master of Arts (Sanskrit)(MSK)Download
Master of Arts (Jyotish)(MAJY)Download
Master of Arts (Hindi Vyavsayik Lekhan)(MAHV)Download
Master of Arts (Vedic Adhyayan)(MAVS)Download
M.A. Hindu Studies(MAHN).Download
Master of Arts (Urdu)(MAUD)Download
Master of Arts (Applied Urdu)(MAAUD)Download
Master of Arts (Political Science)(MPS)Download
Master of Arts (History)(MAHI)Download
Master of Arts (History)(MAH)Download
Master of Arts (Sociology)(MSO) Download
Master of Arts (Psychology)(MAPC)Download
Master of Arts (Economics)(MAEC)Download
Master of Arts (Economics)(MEC)Download
Master of Arts (Public Administration)(MPA)Download
Master of Library and Information Sciences(MLIS)Download
Master of Arts (Anthropology)(MAAN)Download
Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies)(MGPS)Download
Master of Computer Applications(MCA_NEW)Download
Master of Arts (Rural Development)(MARD)Download
Master of Science (Food Nutrition)(MSCDFSM)Download
Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy)(MSCCFT)Download
Master of Social Work(MSW)Download
Master of Social Work (Counselling)(MSWC)Download
Master of Arts (Education)(MAEDU)Download
Master of Arts (Distance Education)(MADE)Download
Master of Arts (Adult Education)(MAAE)Download
Master of Tourism and Travel Management(MTTM)Download
Master of Arts (Philosophy)(MAPY)Download
Master of Science (Environmental Science)(MSCENV)Download
Master of Arts (Folklore and Culture Studies)(MAFCS)Download
Master of Arts (Environmental and Occupational Health)(MAEOH)Download
Master of Arts (Sustainability Science)(MASS)Download
Master of Arts (Environmental Studies)(MAEVS)Download
Master of Arts Migration and Diaspora(MAMIDI)Download
Master of Arts (Development Studies)(MADVS)Download
Master of Arts (Corporate Social Responsibility)(MACSR)Download
Master of Arts (Urban Studies)(MAUS)Download
 Master of Arts (Population and Family Health Studies)(MAPFHS)Download
Master of Arts (Women and Gender Studies)(MAWGSR)Download
Master of Arts (Women and Gender Studies)(MAWGS)Download
Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies)(MAGD)Download
Master of Arts (Translation Studies)(MATS)Download
Master of Science (Mathematics with Application in Computer Science)(MSCMACS)Download
Master of Science (Geography)(MSCGG)Download
Master of Science (Applied Statistics)(MSCAST)Download
Master of Science (Physics)(MSCPH)Download
Master of Science (Geoinformatics)(MSCGI)Download
Master of Science (Zoology)(MSCZOO)Download
Master of Science (Biochemistry)(MSCBCH)Download
Master of Science (Analytical Chemistry)(MSCANCHEM)Download
Master of Science (Chemistry)(MSCCHEM)Download
Master of Science (Industrial Safety)(MSCIDS)Download
Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)(MAJMC)Download
Master of Arts (Journalism and Digital Media)(MAJDM)Download
Master of Arts (Journalism and Electronic Media)(MAJEM)Download
Master of Arts (Development Journalism)(MADJ)Download
Master of Arts (Drawing and Painting)(MADP)Download
Master of Science (Information Security)(MSCIS)Download
Master of Arts (Entrepreneurship)(MAER)Download
Master of Science (Renewable Energy and Environment)MSCRWEEDownload
Master of Arts (Arabic)(MAARB)Download
Master of Arts (Russian)(MARUS)Download
Master of Arts (French)(MAFL)Download
Master of Arts (Spanish)(MASL)Download
Master of Science in Food Safety and Quality Management(MSCFSQM)Download
Master of Science (Home Sciene-Community Development and Extension Management)MSCHSCDownload

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Solved Assignment

Course CodeCourse NameClick To
PGDABPG Diploma in AgribusinessDownload
PGDACPG Diploma in Analytical ChemistryDownload
PGDAICPG Diploma in Advertising and Integrated CommunicationDownload
PGDAMLPG Diploma in American LiteratureDownload
PGDAPPPG Diploma in Audio Programme ProductionDownload
PGDASTPG Diploma in Applied StatisticsDownload
PGDAWPGDiploma in Animal WelfareDownload
PGDBLTPG Diploma in British LiteratureDownload
PGDBPPG Diploma in Book PublishingDownload
PGDCA (New)PG Diploma in Computer ApplicationsDownload
PGDCFTPG Diploma in Counselling and Family TherapyDownload
PGDCJPGDiploma in Criminal JusticeDownload
PGDCOUNPG Diploma in Social Work CounsellingDownload
PGDCSRPG Diploma in Corporate Social ResponsibilityDownload
PGDDCPG Diploma in Development CommunicationDownload
PGDDEPG Diploma in Distance EducationDownload
PGDDMPG Diploma in Disaster ManagementDownload
PGDDVSPG Diploma in Development StudiesDownload
PGDECFEPG Diploma in Early Childhood and Foundational Stage EducationDownload
PGDEMAPGDiploma in Educational Management and AdministrationDownload
PGDEMEPG Diploma in Electronic MediaDownload
PGDEMLPG Diploma in Environmental Management & LawDownload
PGDEOHPG Diploma in Environmental and Occupational HealthDownload
PGDESDPG Diploma in Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentDownload
PGDETPGDiploma in Educational TechnologyDownload
PGDEVSPG Diploma in Environmental StudiesDownload
PGDFCSPG Diploma in Folklore and Culture StudiesDownload
PGDIFMPG Diploma in Financial ManagementDownload
PGDFSQMPG Diploma in Food Safety and Quality ManagementDownload
PGDGIPG Diploma in GeoinformaticsDownload
PGDGMPG Diploma in Geriatric MedicineDownload
PGDGPSPG Diploma in Gandhi and Peace StudiesDownload
PGDHEPG Diploma in Higher EducationDownload
PGDHHMPG Diploma in Hospital and Health ManagementDownload
PGDHIVMPG Diploma in HIV MedicineDownload
PGDIHRMPG Diploma in Human Resource ManagementDownload
PGDIBOPG Diploma in International Business OperationsDownload
PGDIDMPG Diploma in Digital MediaDownload
PGDINDSPG Diploma in Industrial SafetyDownload
PGDIPRPG Diploma in Intellectual Property RightsDownload
PGDISPG Diploma in Information SecurityDownload
PGDISMPG Diploma in Services ManagementDownload
PGDLANPG Diploma in Library Automation and NetworkingDownload
PGDMCHPG Diploma in Maternal and Child HealthDownload
PGDMHPG Diploma in Mental HealthDownload
PGDMIDIPG Diploma in Migration and DiasporaDownload
PGDIMMPG Diploma in Marketing ManagementDownload
PGDNLEGPG Diploma in New Literatures in EnglishDownload
PGDNOVPG Diploma in The NovelDownload
PGDIOMPG Diploma in Operations ManagementDownload
PGDPFHSPG Diploma in Population and Family Health StudiesDownload
PGDPPEDPG Diploma in Pre Primary EducationDownload
PGDPSMPG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales ManagementDownload
PGDRDPG Diploma in Rural DevelopmentDownload
PGDSHSTPG Diploma in Sindhi-Hindi-Sindhi TranslationDownload
PGDSLMPG Diploma in School Leadership and ManagementDownload
PGDSSPG Diploma in Sustainability ScienceDownload
PGDTPG Diploma in TranslationDownload
PGDT (Revised)PG Diploma in TranslationDownload
PGDUPDLPG Diploma in Urban Planning and DevelopmentDownload
PGDVSPG Diploma in Vastu ShastraDownload
PGDWGSPG Diploma in Women‘s & Gender StudiesDownload
PGDWGSRPG Diploma in Women’s and Gender StudiesDownload
PGDWIPG Diploma in Writings from IndiaDownload
PGDWMPG Diploma in Writings from the MarginsDownload
PGJMCPG Diploma in Journalism and Mass CommunicationDownload
PGSKTPG Diploma in Sanskrit Sahitya mein VigyanDownload

IGNOU Diploma Solved Assignment

Course CodeCourse NameClick To
DAFEDiploma in HIV and Family EducationDownload
DAPMERDiploma in Apparel MerchandisingDownload
DAPMERADiploma in Apparel Merchandising – AppliedDownload
DAQDiploma in AquacultureDownload
DBPOFADiploma in Business Process Outsourcing Finance and AccountingDownload
DCCNDiploma in Critical Care NursingDownload
DCEDiploma in Creative Writing in EnglishDownload
DDTDiploma in Dairy TechnologyDownload
DECEDiploma in Early Childhood Care and EducationDownload
DEVMTDiploma in Event ManagementDownload
DHORTDiploma in HorticultureDownload
DIPPDiploma in Paralegal PracticeDownload
DIRILDiploma in RetailingDownload
DMOPDiploma in Modern Office PracticeDownload
DMTDiploma in Meat TechnologyDownload
DNADiploma in Nursing AdministrationDownload
DNHEDiploma in Nutrition & Health EducationDownload
DPLADDiploma in Panchayat Level Administration and DevelopmentDownload
DPVEDiploma in Value EducationDownload
DSCDMDiploma in Smart City Development and ManagementDownload
DTGDiploma in Teaching German as a Foreign LanguageDownload
DTHDiploma in Theatre ArtsDownload
DTSDiploma in Tourism StudiesDownload
DULDiploma in Urdu LanguageDownload
DVAPFVDiploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & VegetablesDownload
DWEDDiploma in Women‘s Empowerment and DevelopmentDownload
DWMDiploma in Watershed ManagementDownload

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Solved Assignment

Course CodeCourse NameClick To
PGCCLPG Certificate in Cyber LawDownload
PGCPPPG Certificate in Patent PracticeDownload
PGCCCPG Certificate in Climate ChangeDownload
PGCGIPG Certificate in GeoinformaticsDownload
ACPDMAdvanced Certificate in Power Distribution ManagementDownload
PGCAPPG Certificate in Agriculture PolicyDownload
PGCARPG Certificate in Anuvaad evam Rupantaran mein Snatakottar PramanpatraDownload
PGCBHTPG Certificate in Bangla-Hindi TranslationDownload
PGCGPSPG Certificate in Gandhi and Peace StudiesDownload
PGCIATIVIPG Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually ImpairedDownload
PGCINDSPGCertificate in Industrial SafetyDownload
PGCIPWSPG Certificate in Inventory Planning and Warehousing for EngineersDownload
PGCMDMPG Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE DisastersDownload
PGCMHTPG Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi TranslationDownload

IGNOU Certificate Solved Assignment

Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLIS) Download
Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)Download
Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)Download
Certificate Programme on Life and Thought of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar (CLTA)Download
Certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Management (CPSCM)Download
Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)Download
Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)Download
Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)Download
Certificate in Apparel Merchandising (CAPMER)Download
Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion-Visual Impairment (CESEIVI)Download
Certificate in Guidance (CIG)Download
Certificate in Professional Development of Teachers (CPDT)Download
Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)Download
Certificate in Mobile Application Development (CMAD)Download
Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language (CTE)Download
Certificate in Functional English (Basic Level) (CFE)Download
Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL)Download
सस्ंकृत सम्भाषण मेंप्रमाण पत्र कार्यक्रर्यम (Communicative Sanskrit) (SSB)Download
Certificate in Bhartiya Kal Ganana (CBKG)Download
Certificate in Vedic Ganit (CVG)Download
Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)Download
Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)Download
Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law & Business Laws (CCLBL)Download
Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking (CAHT)Download
Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (CIHL)Download
Certificate in Gender in Law (CGSL)Download
Certificate Programme in NGO Management (CNM)Download
Certificate in Business Skills (CBS)Download
Certificate in Communication & IT Skills (CCITSK)Download
Advanced Certificate in Information Security (ACISE)Download
Certificate in Fashion Design (CFDE)Download
Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS)Download
Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques (CPLT)Download
Certificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)Download
Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)Download
Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System (CSWCJS)Download
Certificate in Tribal Studies (CTRBS)Download
Certificate in Sericulture (CIS)Download
Certificate in Organic Farming (COF)Download
Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management (CWHM)Download
Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF)Download
Certificate in Beekeeping (CIB)Download
Certificate in Arabic Language (CAL)Download
Certificate in French Language (CFL)Download
Certificate in Russian Language (CRUL)Download
Certificate in Japanese Language (CJL)Download
Certificate in Korean Language & Culture (CKLC)Download
Certificate in Spanish Language & Culture (CSLC)Download
Certificate in German Language (CGL)Download
Certificate in Persian Language (CPEL)Download
Certificate in First Aid (CFAID)Download
Certificate Programme in Yoga (CPY)Download
Certificate in Health Care Waste Management (CHCWM)Download
Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing (CNIN)Download
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing (CMCHN)Download
Certificate in Home Based Health Care (CHBHC)Download
Certificate in General Duty Assistance (CGDA)Download
Certificate in Geriatric Care Assistance (CGCA)Download
Certificate in Phlebotomy Assistance (CPHA)Download
Certificate in Home Health Assistance (CHHA)Download
Certificate in Community Health (CCH)(BPCCHN)Download
Certificate in Adolescent Health and Counseling (CAHC)Download
Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting (CVAP)Download
Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Art (CVAA)Download
Certificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts (CPATHA)Download
IGNOU Common Prospectus-January-2024Download
Certificate in Performing Arts Hindustani Music (CPAHM)Download
Certificate in Performing Arts Karnatak Music (CPAKM)Download
Certificate in Performing Arts Bharatanatyam (CPABN)Download
Certificate in Energy Technology and Management (CETM)Download
Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (Electrical Technicians) (CCPD)Download
Certificate in Solid Wastes Treatment Techniques (CSWATT)Download
Certificate in Condition Monitoring (CCOMO)Download
Certificate in Smart City Development and Management (CSCDM)Download
Certificate Programme in Value Education (CPVE)Download
Certificate in Solid Waste Management (CSWM)Download
Certificate in Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion (CSANKALP)Download
Certificate in Community Radio (CCR)Download
Certificate in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development (CGAS)Download
Certificate in Gender and Science (CGSCI)Download
Awareness And Appreciation Programmes 
Awareness Programme on Dairy Farming (APDF)Download
Appreciation Course on Environment (ACE)Download
Appreciation Course on Population and Sustainable Development (ACPSD)Download

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