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IGNOU MBA Solved Assignment 2022-23 (NEW)

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Download link for IGNOU MBA New:

IGNOU MBA (NEW) 1st Semester Solved Assignments  LINK
MMPC-001: Management Functions and Organizational Processes  Download 
MMPC-002: Human Resource Management  Download 
MMPC-003: Business Environment Download 
MMPC-004  Accounting for Managers Download 
MMPC-005: Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications Download 
MMPC-006: Marketing Management Download 
MMPC-007: Business Communication Download 
 IGNOU MBA (NEW) 2nd Semester Solved Assignments  LINK
MMPC-008: Information Systems For Managers Download 
MMPC-009: Management of Machines and Materials Download 
MMPC-010: Managerial Economics Download 
MMPC-011  Social Processes and Behavioral Issues Download 
MMPC-012: Strategic Management Download 
MMPC-013: Business Laws Download 
MMPC-014: Financial Management Download 
IGNOU MBA (NEW) 3rd Semester Solved Assignments  LINK
MMPH-001: Organizational Theory and Design Download 
MMPH-002: Human Resource Development Download 
MMPH-004: Industrial and Employment Relations Download 
MMPH-005: Organisational Development and Change Download
MMPB-006: Corporate Governance in Banking and Financial Sector Download 
MMPH-007: Management Functions and Organisational Processes Download 
IGNOU MBA (NEW) Solved assignments.


MMPC -015 Research Methodologies for Management Decisions Download 
MMPC -016 International Business Management  Download 
MMPP-001 Project Course  VIEW
MMPC -017 Advanced Strategic Management  Download
MMPC -018 Entrepreneurship (New) Download
MMPC-019 Total Quality Management Quality Management Download
MMPC-020 Business Ethics  Download
MMPH-007 Compensation and Reward Management  Download
MMPH-008 Labor Laws NA
MMPH-009 International Human Resource Download
MMPF-001 Working Capital Management Download
MMPF-002 Capital Investment and Financing Decision Download 
MMPF-003 Management Control Systems  Download 
MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services Download 
MMPF-007 Equity Markets
MMPF-004 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MMPF-005 International Financial Management
MMPF-008 Equity Derivatives
MMPF-009 Commodity Markets  
MMPF-010 Currency and Debt Markets  
MMPF-011 Management of Insurance Services  
MMPO-002 Project Management  Download 
MMPO-003 Production/ Operations Management Download 
MMPO-005 Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Download 
MMPO-004 Management Information System  Download 
MMPO-006 Material Management  Download 
MMPO-507 Maintenance Management  
MMPO-508 Management of R&D and Innovation  
MMPO-509 International Logistics Management  
MMPM-001 Consumer Behavior  Download
MMPM-002 Sales Management  Download
MMPM-003 Product Management Download
MMPM-005 Marketing of Services  Download
MMPM-004 International Marketing  
MMPM-006 Marketing Research  
MMPM-008 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising  
MMPM-011 Rural Marketing  
MMPH-002 Human Resource Development Download
MMPO-005 Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Download 
MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services Download
MMPM-005 Marketing of Services  
MMPM-012 Retail Marketing  
MMPF-012 Services Marketing of Financial  
MMPF-011 Management of Insurance Services  
MBF MBA in Banking and Finance Download
MBAHM MBA in Human Resource Management Download
MBAFM MBA in Financial Management Download
MBAOM MBA in Operations Management Downoad
MBAMM MBA in Marketing Management Download


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