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IGNOU BAHIH solved assignment 2023-24 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History

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IGNOU BAHIH solved assignment 2023-24

Download link for BAHIH solved Assignment:

Course Code Course Name Hindi English
BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies PDF PDF
BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills PDF
BHDAE 182 हंद भाषा और
Course Code Title of the Course Hindi English
BHIC 101 History of India –I PDF PDF
BHIC 102 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World PDF PDF
BHIC 103 History of India –II PDF PDF
BHIC 104 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World PDF PDF
BHIC 105 History of India –III (c. 750 – 1206) PDF PDF
BHIC 106 Rise of the Modern West – I PDF PDF
BHIC 107 History of India – IV (c. 1206 – 1550) PDF  PDF
BHIC 108 Rise of the Modern West – II PDF  PDF
BHIC 109 History of India –V (c. 1550 – 1605) PDF  PDF
BHIC 110 History of India –VI (c. 1750 – 1857) PDF  PDF
BHIC 111 History of Modern Europe – I (c. 1780 – 1939) PDF  PDF
BHIC 112 History of India –VII (c. 1605 – 1750) PDF  PDF
BHIC 113 History of India –VIII (c. 1857 – 1950) PDF  PDF
BHIC 114 History of Modern Europe -II (c. 1780 – 1939) PDF  PDF
BHIE 141 History of China (C. 1840 – 1978) PDF PDF
BHIE 142 History of Modern East Asia: Japan (C. 1868 – 1945) PDF PDF
BHIE 143 History of Environment  PDF
BHIE 144 Traditions of History Writing in India PDF PDF

Optional Subjects

Semester 1

Course Code Hindi English
BSKG 171 Download Download
BSOG 171 Download Download
BPCG 171  Download  Download
BPAG 171  Download  Download
BEGG 171  Download  Download
BPYG 171  Download
BABG 171  Download  Download

Semester 2

Course Code Hindi English
ONR 003 Download Download
BSKG 172 Download
BGDG 172 Download Download
BPCG 172 Download Download
BPAG 172 Download Download
BEGG 172 Download Download
BPYG 172

Semester 3

Course Code Hindi English
BANS 183 Download Download
BPCS 183 Download Download
BPCS 185 Download Download
BHDS 183 Download Download
BEGS 183 Download Download
BEGS 185 Download Download
BCHS 183 Download Download
BPCS 187 Download Download
BCOS 183 Download Download
BAPI 002 Download Download
BSOG 173 Download Download
 BPCG 173 Download Download
 BPAG 173 Download Download
 BHDG 173 Download Download
 BEGG 173 Download Download
 BSKG 173 Download Download

Semester 4

Course Code Hindi English
BPAS 184 Download Download
BANS 184 Download Download
BECS 184 Download Download
BPCS 184 Download Download
BHDS 184 Download Download
BSOS 184 Download Download
BEGS 186 Download Download
BPCS 188 Download Download
BAPI 003 Download Download
BFDI 073 Download Download
BFLS 183 Download Download
BSLS 183 Download Download
ONR 002 Download Download
BPAG 174 Download Download
BPCG 174 Download Download
BEGG 174

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IGNOU Assignment Cover Page

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a reputable institution known for its distance learning courses. When submitting assignments, it’s crucial to adhere to their guidelines for presentation, as this not only ensures uniformity but also creates a good impression. The front page of the assignment is particularly important as it gives the initial impression to the evaluator. Here’s a basic structure to craft the perfect IGNOU assignment front page:

  1. Title of the Assignment: Ensure that the assignment’s title is clear, concise, and prominently placed at the center-top of the page.
  2. Course Code and Course Title: Mention the specific code and title of the course for which the assignment has been prepared.
  3. Assignment Code: Every assignment has a unique code. Make sure to specify this.
  4. Name of the Student: Clearly write your full name, ensuring no spelling mistakes.
  5. Enrollment Number: Your unique student enrollment number should be clearly mentioned.
  6. Address: Detail your complete postal address. This can be crucial if there’s any need for correspondence.
  7. Name of the Study Centre & its Code: Clearly state the name of the study center where you’re enrolled and its unique code.
  8. Date of Submission: Mention the date when you’re submitting the assignment. This can be crucial for adherence to deadlines.
  9. Signature: Some guidelines might require the student’s signature for authenticity.

Remember, presentation matters! Always ensure the text is neat, legible, and free from errors. Use a standard font, maintain uniformity, and provide ample spacing. This not only helps in making the front page look organized but also ensures that evaluators can easily access necessary details.

IGNOU Assignment Cover Page LInk


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