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IGNOU BAHDH solved assignment 2022-23

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Course Code Course Name Hindi
BHDC-101 Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas (Ritikal Tak) Download
BHDC-102 Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas (Aadhunik Kal) Download(Jan-July2022
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course:
BEVAE-181 Environment Studies Download
  Generic Elective:
BSOG-171 Indian Society: Images and Realities Download
BHDC-103 Aadikaleen evam Madhyakaleen Hindi Kavita Download
BHDC-104 Aadhunik Hindi Kavita (Chhayavaad tak) Download
 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course:
BHDAE-182 Hindi Bhasha aur Sampreshan Download
 Generic Elective:
BGDG-172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture Download
BHDC-105 Chhayavadottar Hindi Kavita Download
BHDC-106 Bhartiya Kavyashastra Download
BHDC-107 Paashchaatya Kaavyashastra Download
 Skill Enhancement Course:
BANS-183 Tourism Anthropology Download
 Generic Elective:
BSOG-173 Rethinking Development Download
BHDC-108 Bhasha Vigyan aur Hindi Bhasha Download
BHDC-109 Hindi Upanyaas Download
BHDC-110 Hindi Kahaani Download
 Skill Enhancement Course:
BPCS-186 Managing Stress Download
 Generic Elective:
BPCG-174 Psychology and Media Download
BHDC-111 Hindi Naatak evam Ekaanki Download(Jan-July(2022



BHDC-112 Hindi Nibandh aur Anya Gadya Vidhaayen Download
 Discipline-Specific Elective Courses:
BHDE-141 Asmita Moolak Vimarsh aur Hindi Sahitya Download (Jan-July) 2022


Download(Jan-July )2023

BHDE-143 Premchand Download(Jan-July) 2022


Download(Jan-July )2023

BHDC-113 Hindi ki Sahityik Patrakaarita Download
BHDC-114 Prayojanmoolak Hindi Download
 Discipline-Specific Elective Courses:
BHDE-142 Rashtriya Kaavyadhara Download(Jan-July) 2022


Download(Jan-July )2023

BHDE-144 Chhayavaad Download


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