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IGNOU BAG 1st Year Solved Assignment 2023-24

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IGNOU BAG Solved Assignments 2023-24

Download link for IGNOU BAG  solved Assignment:

Subjects Code Subjects Name PDf Link
BHDLA-135 हिन्दी भाषा: विविध
BHDLA-136 हिंदी भाषा: लेखन
BHDAE-182  हिंदी भाषा और संप्रेषण Download
BTLLA-135 Modern Indian
BPBLA-135 Modern Indian
Language Punjabi
BBGLA-135 Modern Indian
BODLA-135 Modern Indian
Language– Odia
BKDLA – 135 Modern Indian
Language– Kannada
BMYLA – 135 Modern Indian
Language– Malayalam
BMRLA – 135 Modern Indian Language
– Marathi 
BGULA – 135 Modern Indian
Language– Gujarati 
BNPLA-135 Modern Indian
Language– Nepali
BUDLA-135 Urdu

Ability / Skill Enhancement Courses (English)

BEGAE-182 English Communication Skills Download
BEVAE-181 Environment Studies Download
BEGLA-135 English in Daily Life Download
BEGLA-136 English At The Workplace Download


BFDI-073  Introduction to Fashion Industry Download


Ability / Skill Enhancement Courses (Hindi)

BHDAE-182 हिंदी भाषा और संप्रेषण Download
BEVAE-181 पर्यावरण अध्ययन पर 

क्षमता वर्घक 

अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम 

BSKAE-182  संस्कृत साहित्य


Generic Elective Courses (English)

BEGG-171 Media and Communication Skills Download
BEGG-172 Language and Linguistics Download
BPAG-171 Disaster Management Download
BPAG-172 Governance: Issues And Challenges Download
BGDG-172 Gender Sensitization: Society And Culture Download
BPCG-171 General Psychology Download
BPCG-172 Youth, Gender And Identity Download
BSOG-171 Indian Society: Images and Realities Download
BABG-171 Understanding B.R. Ambedkar Download
BPYG-171 Applied Ethics
BPYG-172 Philosophy Of Religion


Generic Elective Courses (Hindi)

BPAG-171 आपदा प्रबंधन Download
BPAG-172 शासन: मुद्दे और चुनौतियाँ Download
BGDG-172 जेंडर संवेदीकरण– समाज 

और संस्कृति

BSKG-171 भारतीय सौन्दर्यशास्र
BPCG-171 सामान्य मनोविज्ञान Download
BPCG-172 युवा, जेंडर एवं पहचान Download
BSOG-171 भारतीय समाज: छवियाँ एवं 


BABG-171 बी.आर. अम्बेडकर चिंतन Download
BPYG-171 अनुप्रयुक्त नीतिशासत्र
BPYG-172 धर्म दर्शन

Generic Elective Courses (English)

Anthropology: BAG Core Courses (English)

BANC-131 Anthropology and Research Methods Download
BANC-132 Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology Download

Anthropology: BAG Core Courses (Hindi Medium)

BANC-131 मानवविज्ञान और

 अनुसंधान विधियां

BANC-132 जैविक मानव विज्ञान के

 मूल सिद्धांत


 Economics: Discipline-Specific Courses(English)

BECC-131 Principles of Microeconomics-I  Download
BECC-132 Principles of Microeconomics-II Download


BECC-131 व्यष्टि अर्थशास्त्र के 

सिद्धांत – I

BECC-132 सूक्ष्म अर्थशास्त्र के



 English Discipline: BAG Core Courses

BEGC-131 Individual & Society Download
BEGC-132 Selections From Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity Download

 Hindi Discipline: BAG Courses

BHDC-131 हिंदी साहित्य का इतिहास Download
BHDC-132  मध्यकालीन हिंदी कविता Download

 History: BAG Courses(English)

BHIC-131 History of India from the Earliest Times up to c. 300 CE Download
BHIC-132 History of India from c.300 to 1206 Download


BHIC-131 भारत का इतिहास: आरंभिक 

काल से 300 ईस्वी पूर्व तक

BHIC-132 भारत का इतिहास: लगभग 

300 सी.ई. से 1206 तक


 Mathematics: BAG Courses(English)

BMTC-131 Calculus
BMTC-132 Differential Equations


BMTC-131 कलन
BMTC-132 अवकल समीकरण  Download

 Political Science: BAG Courses(English)

BPSC-131 Introduction to Political Theory Download
BPSC-132 Indian Government and Politics Download


BPSC-131 राजनीतिक सिंद्धात का 


BPSC-132 भारतीय सरकार और 



 Psychology: BAG Courses(English)

BPCC-131 Foundations of Psychology Download
BPCC-132 Introduction to Social Psychology Download


BPCC-131 मनोविज्ञान का आधार Download
BPCC-132 सामाजिक मनोविज्ञान 

एक परिचय


 Sanskrit Discipline: BAG Courses

BSKC-131 संस्कृत पद्य–साहित्य Download
BSKC-132 संस्कृत गद्य–साहित्य
BSKLA-135 संस्कृत भाषा और साहित्य

 Public Administration: BAG Courses(English)

BPAC-131 Perspectives on Public Administration Download
BPAC-132 Administrative Thinkers Download

 Hindi Medium

BPAC-131 लोक प्रशासन के 

विभिन्‍न परिप्रेक्ष्य

BPAC-132 प्रशासनिक विचारक Download

 Sociology: BAG Courses(English)

BSOC-131 Introduction To Sociology-I Download
BSOC-132 Sociology Of India Download

 Hindi Medium

BSOC-131 समाजशास्त्र का परिचय Download
BSOC-132 भारत का समाजशास्त्र Download

Urdu Discipline: BAG Courses


 Philosophy: BAG Courses(English)

BPYC-131 Indian Philosophy
BPYC-132 Ethics


BPYC-131 भारतीय दर्शन
BPYC-132 नीति


BESC-131 Education: Concept, Nature And Perspectives Download
BESC-132 Structure And Management Of Education Download


BESC-131 शिक्षाः संप्रत्यय, प्रकृति 

एवं परिप्रेक्ष्य

BESC-132 शिक्षा की संरचना 

एवं प्रबंधन


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