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Download IGNOU Assignment Front Page 2024 PDF

IGNOU Assignment Front Page Guidelines

Welcome to the IGNOU Assignment Front Page Download, where you can access user-friendly assignment front page templates in both Word and PDF formats. These templates offer complete customization options, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. They are also compatible with Microsoft Office software for added convenience. Below, we provide detailed instructions for designing your IGNOU Assignment Cover Page:

The first page of your assignment is of utmost importance. It must be visually appealing while adhering strictly to the University’s prescribed format. To ensure your assignment front page aligns with the official format provided by the University on its website, consider the following comprehensive guidelines:

ignou assignment front page

Essential Information for the First Page:

  1. Name: Begin with your full name.
  2. Roll Number: State your unique student roll number.
  3. Address: Include your complete address for correspondence.
  4. Course Name: Mention the name of the course you are enrolled in.
  5. Study Centre: Specify the location or name of your IGNOU study center.
  6. Programme: Indicate the academic program you are pursuing.
  7. Date of Submission: Clearly state the deadline date for assignment submission.
  8. Phone Number: Include a contact number where you can be reached.
  9. Email Address: Provide your email address for communication purposes.
  10. Your Signature: Sign the front page to authenticate your work.

It’s crucial to prepare your assignment on an A4-sized sheet. Handwriting is mandatory for all IGNOU courses. You are allowed to write your answers on both sides of the paper for efficiency. When responding to the assignment questions, you have the option to include only the question number or write the entire question, with the latter being preferable for better understanding.

Important Note: Please be aware that IGNOU exclusively accepts handwritten assignments. Printed or typed assignments will not be considered for evaluation.

We encourage you to make use of this template to create your IGNOU Assignment Front Page, ensuring that it fully complies with the University’s stipulated requirements. This well-structured front page will enhance the professional presentation of your assignment.

IGNOU Assignment Cover Page LInk

Type 1 Download

Type 2 Download


How to Fill IGNOU Assignment Front Page 2024 Details

When you embark on the process of writing your IGNOU assignment, one of the initial steps is to complete the First Page, which serves as the assignment cover page. This page contains vital information about the student and the academic program. It’s imperative to fill in these details accurately. Below, we outline the mandatory details that must be included on the IGNOU assignment front page:

  1. Programme Code: This is the code corresponding to the program in which you are enrolled. For instance, it could be BAG, BCA, MEG, MCA, MBA, or any other relevant code.
  2. Course Code: Each course within your program has a unique course code or subject code. In a session, there may be multiple course codes such as BPSC-131, MHD-2 MPC-6, and so on.
  3. Course Title: Every course also has a title, such as “Hindi Sahitya” or “English in Daily Life.” Make sure to accurately mention the title of the course for which you are submitting the assignment.
  4. Study Center Code: You can locate the Study Center Code on your IGNOU Identity Card. It is essential to input this code accurately to identify your study center.
  5. Student Name: Enter your full name as it appears on your IGNOU ID Card. Make sure there are no spelling errors or omissions.
  6. Enrollment Number: Your Enrollment Number can be found on your Student ID Card. This is a unique identifier, and you should input it accurately.
  7. Phone Number: Include a contact phone number where you can be reached for communication purposes.
  8. Submission Date: Mention the date when you are submitting the assignment. Be sure to adhere to the specified submission deadline.
  9. Signature: Sign the assignment cover page with your own signature to authenticate your work.

It’s crucial to fill in these details carefully and accurately to ensure that your IGNOU assignment is correctly identified and processed. Adhering to these guidelines will help you present a professionally organized assignment for evaluation.

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